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5 Things to Look Out for in the Next Mr Nigeria

5 Things to Look Out for in the Next Mr Nigeria

The theme ‘the ideal man’ is something to ponder on. What makes an ideal man? An ideal man is someone who sets standard of perfection or excellence and is taken as a model imitation.
Past winners can testify that these attributes were selling points to attaining the crown and title of Mr Nigeria.
So here are the qualities of an ideal man and what we should all look out for in the next Mr Nigeria.



This probably should not be the first but appearance will serve as the roots to every other quality. First impressions matter, keeping a nice physique means you have traits of dedication and hard work.
Physique has to do with the form of a person’s body and ladies will surely be looking out for this. Men that participate in pageant shows have nice physiques that will be on display during the swimsuit round.



A person with class is someone who has elegance, he should be graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. This is another thing to look out for because your fashion sense can capture the judges attention, it will leave a good impression and also if you look good you will feel good and confident.



This is the act of being real, when you are authentic, people will respect you because you are not fake or pretending to be someone you’re not, don’t be scared to be yourself and show your personality.
This is definitely something to look our for, most people portray attributes that are not theirs and find it hard to keep up with it. Being authentic you’re original.



This attribute is key, you have to be able to answer questions intelligently with a unique perspective and also be able to learn and understand things.
The suppose winner should have the ability to deal with problems or situations that comes across him. He should be able to do research and speak confidently.



Last but not the least, he should be confident especially when answering questions by judges. He should not be scared to make mistakes or hesitate.
Most importantly he should believe in himself and be his biggest fan. Once you start to doubt yourself then you’ve given others a reason to doubt you.


Requirements for Mr Nigeria